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    Show us your Mashup

    As a developer, I'm pretty skilled at making boring, unattractive user interfaces..


    If you don't mind sharing a screenshot or two, I'd love to see some examples of attractive Thingworx Mashups others have come up with.


    Thank you,


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        tcoufal Communicator

        Here is "little something"


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          jebeck Creator

          Tomas - that is a powerful visualization.  Did you import and image and use layers to overlay the numeric readings?

          Tsveta Saul - check this out

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              tcoufal Communicator

              Thanks to all of you. It is nice to be appreciated.

              Our company's demo is no way finished. It only shows basic ideas and wide portfolio of sensors and integration that we can provide.

              This demo took me 3 straight days to make. Before that I've spent two month on integration.

              Now we are able to control lights, basically all PLC-based machines through OPC servers, measure all kinds of electric and non-electric values (lum, lux, noise, gases in ppm, pressures, distances, positions, power consumption and generation, wind, air pollutants, vibrations, movements, vehicle detection, asset control and many more).

              Next big project is real-time industrial network monitoring. Not to brag, but it seems that we are only ones who could do a cloud-based real-time Profinet and Profibus monitoring including POF inspection.

              here are some more pics.


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                tcoufal Communicator

                Basically yes, Unfortunately it works only for a static mashup. Well technically it works even with responsive layouts, but spacing is all wrong under different resolutions.