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    Thingworx IoT evaluation for individuals/hobbyist?

    Hi Thingworx,


        Is it true that to try Thingworx, I would need to represent an university, so that I can join the PTC Academic Program. If already joined I will be granted access to a hosted instance of Thingworx along with all the necessary tools.


        But, how about for individuals, electronic hobbyist, is there a way to try ThingWorx for learning? Other SaaS cloud service providers, allows users to have a free account, in which they can try to evaluate their services. These free accounts have limitations. One such is Exosite. I have made a project that sends temperature data to Exosite, and display it graphically at Exosite Dashboard Widgets. I would like to try the same using Thingworx.


        How about for Thingworx do they offer the same, for individuals and electronic hobbyist.


        I already graduated so I can't represent a university, to be eligible to join PTC Academic Program.


    Best Regards,

    Markel Robregado