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    Security on Google Maps extension

    Hello all,


    I modified the Google MAps extension to use the HeatMaps API's and create a heatmap based on some data input. It is working well but I have a questions regarding security: in order to make the authentication i changed the metadata.xml file from the extension to include the AppKey that is required for using these APIs.


    What happens is that when I run the Mashup, the AppKey shows up in the developer console, which is definitely not secure.As this API usage has a quota, in case the key leaks it can create unwanted billing. It is possible to define which URLs are allowed in the key configuration but I still do not feel comfortable on publishing the AppKey out there.



    Does anyone have an idea of how I could secure this information?




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        fnilsen Apprentice

        Hi Everton,


        Have you checked out the latest videos on how to integrate security into the mashup using Cryptosoft?  if you make a search for 'cryptosoft', you will find 6 videos, which may answer your questions. In short, the Cryptosoft extension allows you to encrypt and decrypt any data. Let me know what you think.


        Kind regards


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          saeedma Apprentice

          The Google API keys can also be secured from your Google account console so that it can only be used by certain IP addresses and referrer URLs.


          • Restrict your API keys to be used by only the IP addresses, referrer URLs, and mobile apps that need them: By restricting the IP addresses, referrer URLs, and mobile apps that can use each key, you can reduce the impact of a compromised API key. You can specify the hosts and apps that can use each key from the console by opening the Credentials page and then either creating a new API key with the settings you want, or editing the settings of an API key.