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    Error trying to connect Raspberry Pi 2 Model B to ThingWorx using C SDK

    Hi guys,

    Happy new year

    I am trying to do a project using Raspberry Pi 2 Model B and ThingWorx. I am using the trial version of ThingWorx and has downloaded the C SDK from the site.It contained files TWC_Agent.I have edited the host name and app key in the Agent properties file.

    • When i executed the file using CLI, it showed the error : "Invalid 'connection' header: keep-alive".
    • When i changed the host to my mashup URL, it showed BSD socket connection error.
    • I debugged and found that: "connected to device.cloud.thingworx.com"; "HTTP response begun"; "TLS connection established" etc.
    • Is there additional settings to be changed in the TWC_Agent to connect to ThingWorx?
    • Can i reuse the same source codes in TWC_Agent to connect my Raspberry Pi 2 Model B to ThingWorx and display the properties in the mashup?

    Thank you.