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    Mobile design, development, and deployment?


    We have a need to develop and deliver mashups which transparently cross the range of platforms from PC to smart phone – i.e. “design once: deploy many”.  The current methodology of responsive panels/frames seems to carry only so far.


    There is a lot of disparate information and chatter on the ThingWorx community, press releases, and such – but no definitive direction or roadmap that I have found. 


    Our ThingWorx product manager is in contact with the Mobile Mash-Up Builder Program manager and hopes to give us a status/roadmap by this Friday.


    Would like to ask the Community:


    - Are you doing mobile development with cross platform deployment?


    - What techniques, restrictions, or roadblocks (if any) experiencing with ThingWorx 5.5 or above in mobile development?


    - Any pointers to mobile app development documentation, best practices, examples using ThingWorx 5.5 or above?


    - Your general ideas and requirements for mobile deployment?


    - What you are hearing (from ThingWorx or other) regarding mobile development and deployment?