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    mak Explorer

    Thingworx 6.6 Postgresql not starting

    I've followed the instruction how to setup Thingworx 6.6 Postgresql on Ubuntu 14.04. In modelproviderconfig.json


    "username": {  "baseType": "STRING",  "description": "",  "name": "username",

                      "aspects": {

                         "friendlyName": "Username",

                         "defaultValue": "twadmin"

                      },  "ordinal": 1 },

                   "password": {

                      "baseType": "PASSWORD",      "description": "",      "name": "password",

                      "aspects": {

                         "friendlyName": "Password",

                         "defaultValue": "xxxx"


    When I use command  "psql -U twadmin -d thingworx" and type the password "xxxx" then I can login, but Thingworx platform is not starting ... see the following exception


    05-Jan-2016 17:14:44.925 SEVERE [http-nio-8080-exec-29] org.apache.catalina.loader.WebappClassLoaderBase.checkThreadLocalMapForLeaks The web application [Thingworx] created a ThreadLocal with key of type [java.lang.ThreadLocal] (value [java.lang.ThreadLocal@dc6eaa]) and a value of type [java.util.Stack] (value [[SuperUser:User]]) but failed to remove it when the web application was stopped. Threads are going to be renewed over time to try and avoid a probable memory leak.

    java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Improper value found for model provider configuration password, system cannot start without valid password

            at com.thingworx.persistence.postgres.PostgresDatasource.verifyLegalPasswordValue(PostgresDatasource.java:240)

            at com.thingworx.persistence.postgres.PostgresDatasource.createDataSource(PostgresDatasource.java:115)

            at com.thingworx.persistence.postgres.PostgresDatasource.connect(PostgresDatasource.java:72)

            at com.thingworx.system.ThingWorxPersistenceHandler.initializePersistenceProvider(ThingWorxPersistenceHandler.java:158)

            at com.thingworx.system.ThingWorxServer.loadModel(ThingWorxServer.java:305)

            at com.thingworx.system.ThingWorxServer.doHA(ThingWorxServer.java:135)

            at com.thingworx.system.ThingWorxBootstrapper.contextInitialized(ThingWorxBootstrapper.java:127)

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        christianb Apprentice

        For me it looks as you edited the wrong section of the modelproviderconfig.json file.

        There should be some “rows” object where you actually add the right values. The snipped you send is the property definition of username and password properties.

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          qn Communicator

          There's another place where you provide username and password:

          "rows": [


                        "jdbcUrl": "jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/<database>?currentSchema=<schema>",

                        "username": "<usename>",

                        "password": "<password>",

          Did you check that ?