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    Unable to add entities to datatable when subscribing on data chaged of IsConnected property

    Hi There

    I am trying to add some entities to a datatable when a remote thing isConnected property is changed

    so my subscription code look like that (it is only one line):




    AddConnectionLogEntry - is a service on my thing itself

    this service adds some entities to my datatable

    when I disconnect my remote thing - I get an exception

    Execution error in service script [0315.0134628e10 AddConnectionLogEntry] : Wrapped java.lang.Exception: Unable to add table entry: null Cause: Unable to add table entry: null

    But when I trigger it from the thing itself - everything works


    another strange thing :

    I tried to make the same subscription on a boolean property that I made by myself

    and it works ( with the same subscription code and the service "AddConnectionLogEntry" was the same too)