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    Business Process Engine - Converge Layer

    Hi Thingworx Community,


    I am  testing new ThingWorx converge Layer with Business Process Authoring & Monitoring. I have some question related behaviour !!


    Embeded Business process Runtime in a physical Things

    Is it possible to embed Business process runtime in a physical things that will be disconnected from the ThingWorx server ?? Objectives is that Business process proceeds normally even if the Things is disconnected

    Business Process Engine Vs Rela Time

    Do you know the Business Process Engine scheduling & parralelism  principles ??  (Variables sharing, Behavior when two process should write in the same variable, etc …)


    Business model Export

    Can we have  description of the XML Files generated for a standard XML export of a  business Process Thing (Thing with PTC.BPE.BusinessProcessTemplate inheritance).

    Is the export embed all things Services, Alertes .. binded in the task of the  Process ??


    Thank you very much for your support



    PLM consultant IOT oriented