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    Log Archive folder size increase due to Websocket Exception



    I am doing a very simple example using javasdk to connect to thingworx.I created Thing that inherit remote thing template and i do remote binding with remote Thing, that is it.  Thingworx keep logging files every 10 seconeds in the path \ThingworxStorage\logs\archives, each file is about 100MB. The log files contains only one exception thrown all the time as below;


    2016-01-19 11:35:43.977+0200 [L: WARN] [O: c.t.c.s.c.j.Jsr356ServerConnection] [I: ] [U: ] [S: ] [T: http-apr-8080-exec-3] Server WebSocket closed unexpectedly and has already been unregistered from Server Endpoint [ws session id: 0] The socket [568,280,224] associated with this connection has been closed.


    It will not stop logging files until i stop the tomcat or the drive is full.



    OS: Windows 10

    Tomcat 9.0