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    Authenticate user in AD/LDAP using a Directory Service in ThingWorx 6.5

    Originally using ThingWorx 6.0 (6.0.3), we added verification of user credentials against AD by creating and using a custom Directory Service. I believe that we received a Directory Service provided by PTC, but it was customized probably for SSL communication to AD. We upgraded to ThingWorx 6.5, and this custom Directory Service no longer imports. This error appears in the Application Log:


    (see error log details) [context: An unexpected server error occurred: com.ge.ip.bms.quality.authenticators.directoryservices.LDAPDirectoryService.updateConfigurationTableStructure()V][message: com.ge.ip.bms.quality.authenticators.directoryservices.LDAPDirectoryService.updateConfigurationTableStructure()V]


    In 6.5, is there a better approach to this? is there a supported Directory Service or authenticator that does authentication with AD over SSL? If not, what is necessary to upgrade the custom Directory Service? I believe it probably needs to be compiled against a newer version of the SDK. Are there any other known changes that would be needed?