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    mnoack-2 Newbie

    Has anybody successfully setup the MQTT extension in academic instance yet?



    I recently installed the MQTT extension from the marketplace in the academic instance, but I am unable to use it.

    The setup instructions in this thread MQTT support in ThingWorx are great, but my extension is not able to connect to the test.mosquitto.org server. (and not to my own mosquitto server as well)


    In the application log the following error appears: Unable to connect to MQTT in [MQTTThing] : MqttException


    What does "MqttException" mean?


    Is it possible that the port 1883 is blocked in the instance? I tried with different other ports (80, 8080, 25), but none of them worked - is there a port that could be working? (i can adjust it on my mosquitto server)


    Thank you very much,