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    mnoack-2 Newbie

    ThingWorx Converge Business Process Editor

    Hello, I stumbled upon the ThingWorx Converge Business Process Editor - in the Academic Program we do not have access to this or am I wrong?


    Would it be possible to gain access to the Business Process Editor?

    It would be interesting to evaluate this part of ThingWorx in my current research project.


    Thank you very much in advance,


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        adrianpet Creator

        Hi Markus,


             First i want to apologize for the late response. For the Academic Program we don't have access to the ThingWorx Converge yet. That is due the version that we currently have for all hosted instances of ThingWorx on the AWS. We are in the process of upgrading all of them to the latest version of ThingWorx. After this upgrade we can make the ThingWorx Converge available for the Academic Program.


        Thank you,