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    Apache Solr

    Hello developers,

    after I import the Solr extensions, and creating a thing with it.

    I use the IndexDocument service and it appeared this:

    Unable to Invoke Service IndexDocument on test0126 : IOException occured when talking to server at: http://:80/solr/test


    How can I solve this? Or I execute the service wrong??

    Really need some help here!! Thx!



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        moritzvonh Creator

        Hi Lee,

        I haven't worked with the Solr extension yet but looking at the error message it seems that there is a configuration issue: the URL doesn't show the server name and the port and the rest of the URL seems to be defaults. Can you check if you have a Solr Thing that has Configurations that you have to set? I just looked at the code of the extension and there are connection configurations settings for the serverName, serverPort, username, password, timeout and useSSL.