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    autkin-2 Newbie

    Built-In Groups



    Is there some information about meaning of built-in default groups like 'Users', 'Developers', 'Designers'? Which permissions set up for built-in groups? Is it necessary to add users to those groups?



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        pchung Collaborator

        Users is the default for all Users created within Thingworx.

        Developers is for those that do Modeling

        Designers is for those that build Mashups

        So you can create a new User and drop them in either group to give them that development role.

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            ovenard Newbie

            By the way, what is the procedure to add a users to developers group or designers group ?

            I am unable to find the right place in ThingWorx Composer to take this action.

            Thanks in advance


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                aanjan Heavyweight Champ

                Olivier, since they are system objects, they are hidden by default. Navigate to the User Groups section from the Composer homepage, and then click on 'Advanced' next to the search button. Then, click on 'Show System Objects' to display these groups.