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    asharma Newbie

    How to add pagination to a grid

    I want to add pagination to a grid so that user can navigate between different 'pages' of data. I also want to display the count of total records in all the 'pages' in the grid.

    Since this is a standard functionality in typical web applications, so, i was expecting it to be available out of box with the grid, but, I am not able to find something like this in the grid properties. searching for pagination yields no results in TW wiki as well.


    Can somebody please help me understand how to do pagination in ThingWorx?


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        carlesc Heavyweight Champ

        There's no pagination in TW out-of-the box. But easily you can put a dropdown list with all the pages, and when you change the dropdown option just query for the corresponding registers. For the total count, just put a Value Display with the Count value ( calling the corresponding service ).


        By the way, to do pagination, you will need to build your own service with gets page as a parameters and returns accordingly.

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            asharma Newbie

            Thanks Carles. I was thinking about putting a search box along with the grid to filter out the records and reduce the number of records to show based upon the filter, but what you have suggested is much better, if the client wants to click on page numbers