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    acooper Newbie

    C SDK error 1107 precondition failed



    I'm having trouble with the C SDK. It's running on an ARM 9 Linux unit.

    After some time of correct operation the error 1107 TW_PRECONDITION_FAILED occurs continuously.

    What does this error mean and does anyone have any ideas on how to debug this?



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        spelzer Newbie



        we had the same error with the dotnet SDK.


        Our problem was the chunk size. The default is 16K but we need more, so we change the MaxMessageSize ot 1MB.

        After that change our problem was cleared.


        I hope this change can fix your problem too.


        Kind regards


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            acooper Newbie

            Thank you very much for reply and the possible solution, I shall trial this over the next few days.


            I have found the following definitions in the C SDK (twDefaultSettings.h) so I'll go ahead and change these to be larger.



            * \brief The maximum size of a complete message whether it is broken up as a

            * multipart message or not.  Messages larger than this will be rejected.

            * Measured in Bytes.


            #define MAX_MESSAGE_SIZE 16384




            * \brief The maximum size of a message chunk.  Messages large than this will

            * be broken up into a multipart message.  Measured in Bytes.  This value

            * should be the same as the server side configuration which defaults to 8192.


            #define MESSAGE_CHUNK_SIZE          8192


            Do you know where on the server you change the MESSAGE_CHUNK_SIZE?