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    Tooltips in custom widgets

    Is there a standard, easy way to get a tooltip on an element in a custom widget?


    I tried the JQuery UI tooltips approach, but something in ThingWorx is manipulating the 'title' attribute and converting it to 'data-original-title', after the end of afterRender. (I suspect Bootstrap).


    I tried the Bootstrap approach, but that seems to suffer from a similar problem.


    EDIT: It turns out that the tooltip library used by ThingWorx is 'TipTip'. Documentation can be found by Google. TipTip processes the 'title' attribute and converts it to something else, meaning that TipTip and JQuery tooltips can't be used together. I'm not sure which version is included in ThingWorx.


    However I now have another problem - TipTip doesn't seem to have the ability to disable tooltips. I have drag and drop in my widget, and the tooltip get popped up during the drag. Is there a known way to disable TipTip tooltips?