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    mbereket Apprentice

    Adding Alert with REST API calls

    Hi Everyone,


    Does anyone know how can I add alert to a "Thing" property with REST API calls?


    So, What I would like to do is to use AddOrUpdateAlert service and make a POST request to add an alert and I would like to send the following JSON:



    alertType: "Above",

    alertName: "tc1alert,

    property: "tc1",

    description: "tc1 alert desc.",

    attributes: ????



    What confuses me is "attributes" field of this service, seems like I need to use an INFOTABLE for that field. But I don't know how I can do that,

    Can anyone guide me about that?






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        pchung Collaborator

        It is rather complicated, but you should be able to form that infotable using JSON

        Sorry I've never done this using the REST API.

        To make it easier, you can create a wrapper service that does the heavy lifting and takes the inputs as regular parameters.

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            mbereket Apprentice

            Thanks for the answer.

            I actually dont know what to put in that info table. What fields do I need to put?


            All I want is to pass a number and get alerted when that number is reached in the sensor. (and doing all that with one REST API call)


            What do you think it could be?


            Thanks again,


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                ngarner Explorer

                I work with Mustafa.  I just worked out the REST call to add an alert via REST/JSON, adding here for others that might be curious.


                POST /Thingworx/Things/<TheThing>/Services/AddOrUpdateAlert?appKey=<APP_KEY> HTTP/1.1

                Accept: application/json

                Content-Type: application/json

                Host: <THE_HOST>

                Connection: close

                User-Agent: Paw/2.2.9 (Macintosh; OS X/10.11.3) GCDHTTPRequest

                Content-Length: 859




                  "property": "tc1",

                  "alertType": "Above",

                  "alertName": "Temp1High",

                  "description": "Temp1HighDesc",

                  "enabled": true,

                  "priority": 1,

                  "persistent": true,

                  "attributes": {

                    "rows": [


                        "limitInclusive": true,

                        "limit": 20



                    "dataShape": {

                      "fieldDefinitions": {

                        "limitInclusive": {

                          "name": "limitInclusive",

                          "aspects": {

                            "defaultValue": true,

                            "friendlyName": "Include Limit?"


                          "description": "Limit includes value",

                          "baseType": "BOOLEAN",

                          "ordinal": 1


                        "limit": {

                          "name": "limit",

                          "aspects": {

                            "friendlyName": "Limit"


                          "description": "Limit to compare",

                          "baseType": "LONG",

                          "ordinal": 0