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    Can we define any range inside State definition ?



    I have a query related to “how to define State for a data in specific range inside State Definitions” in Thingworx.

    So here is some background:


    I have created one gadget which displays data of ‘Primary Business Object Growth Rate’.

    So as a part of data I am displaying name of Object, its Count and Change In Count based on last updated and last to last updated count.


    So inside Change In Count column I need to show following images based on Change In Count Value.

    If there is no last to last updated count

    If there is no change in count

    If there is increase in count

    If there is decrease in count


    I am collecting Change In Count as “String”.


    So currently in order to show these images, I have created one state definition where I have added state based formatting.

    But the problem is, here I could assign state and style per single value. So it is working only for those values which I have set over there.


    But in my case, ‘Change In Count’ value may differ in any range.

    So suppose Change in Count is 544 then here it is not possible to add these number of states .


    So can we define any range inside State definition ? I mean to say suppose I set range of ‘1 -100000’, then style should be something

    So if Change In Count values lies between this range will be displayed with assigned style definition.