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    vgala Apprentice

    Menu does not close when clicking else where

    I am using Menu widget to show couple of help links. The menu icon is hat and when its clicked the menu dropdown is opened and there are two options displayed vertically like Admin Help and User Help. See the attachment. This behaviour is achieved through sub menu within main menu.

    But the problem is if the menu is clicked and drop down opens, and if user clicked anywhere else on the page, the menu drop down does not close and remains open until the the menu icon is clicked again. This Menu widget does not expose any events to collapse or expand. Can someone please let me know how to auto-close menu drop down when user clicks anywhere else on the page.

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        aanjan Heavyweight Champ

        Vivek, is this Menu placed in a Master Mashup? Can you expand on how you've set that menu up?

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            vgala Apprentice

            Hi Aanjan,


            Steps to Reproduce:

            1. 1. Create a Menu with some menu options. Menu1
              2. Create a second menu with some options. Menu2
              3. Add Menu2 as an option in Menu1.
              4. This way Menu2 acts as a SubMenu.
              5. Create a Mashup.
              6. Add Menu Widget in the Mashup and select Menu1 in Menu property.
              7. Save and view Mashup.
              8. Click on Menu option to see Menu2 as SubMenu.
              9. Click elsewhere on page.


            It seems to be a bug and thingworx support have already verified this as a bug. If you could think of any workaround please let me know until then.