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    lwei Explorer

    Export Data problem

    Hi guys,

    I need to export my data for the 7.0 upgrade.

    But After I clicked the Export Data it popped out this.

    My version is 6.6 b148


    Data Export submitted for processing. Please check the log for completion status of Task-1455594985789

    How can I fix this??

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        pchung Collaborator

        Did you check the application Log to see if the export succeeded? The export now goes to a FileRepository on the Server.

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            jcollazo Newbie



            I have the same problerm. How can I import the exported data in other environment? With the file it was easy. What can I do now?



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                aanjan Heavyweight Champ

                Javier, did you export to ThingworxStorage? If so, you should have a new folder under ThingworxStorage/ exports with the following name format - yyyymmddhhmmss. You can just zip that folder, move it over to your new environment's ThingworxStorage/ exports folder and unzip that. Once you go to Import/ Export -> Import from ThingworxStorage, you should be able to select this folder.