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    Creating InfoTable Problem

    Hi, guys!

    I've got some problems when I create a infotable.

    Here is the following service I use:


    var infotable1Object = {dataShape: {fieldDefinitions :{} }, rows: [] };

    infotable1Object.datashape.fieldDefinitions['name']={name: 'name', baseType: 'STRING'};

    infotable1Object.datashape.fieldDefinitions['value']={name: 'value', baseType: 'STRING'};

    var newROW= new Object();





    var params = {

      json: infotableObject /* JSON */


    // result: INFOTABLE

    var result = Resources["InfoTableFunctions"].FromJSON(params);



    the result is always:


    TypeError: Cannot read property "fieldDefinitions" from undefined (CreateInfo#1)