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    Async setting on Data Tables...what's it's function?

    The Text InfoTip associated with "ASYNC" states, "Executes the service asynchronously. Without additional coding (i.e. event subscriptions, property changes, ect.) or logging, values and/or exceptions are not returned."


    Can someone explain this a bit better? What's it's impact? What are the Pros/Cons?  I'm trying to determine when I need to enable this.


    In general, is there s Developers Guide that I can reference for questions like this?

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        pchung Collaborator

        ASynch means the process will run on its own thread and finish whenever it finishes, while it just continues with the remaining code. It means that there isn't a wait for a returned result.

        That means you can't output information from that service.

        It also means you can't tell if it finishes or not.


        So you would need other means to check on the results of running that service.


        Synch means the thread runs and returns status and/or information that it is done, before progressing to the next step in the code.


        Biggest gain with Asynch is that your calls don't hold up the progression of the code, biggest negative, you have no way of knowing if it ran successfully without some other code and process to check for it.