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    dclayworth Apprentice

    Get a list of all users.

    Is there a service function to get a list of all users known to the system?

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        thearonh Apprentice

        Because Users are just Entities of type "User" you can call the GetEntityList service in EntityServices with the 'type' argument set to "User"


        I am not sure if a specific function exists for getting just users, but this should do the trick.

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          aanjan Heavyweight Champ

          Apart from Thearon's suggestion, there is another service called 'GetActiveUsers' under Resources -> CurrentSessionInfo. This would only give you the current logged in/ active users though.

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              thearonh Apprentice

              I believe the 'GetActiveUsers' service returns the list of users that have an active session (aka - are currently logged in to Thingworx) at time of invoking.

              Definitely a cool feature if that is what you are looking for, but will give you inconsistent results if you are looking for an all-encompassing list of users.

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                  veronicamih Creator



                  You can also use the GetGroupMembers service of the Users Group. Below is an example of a REST call in javascript


                  var params = {

                      headers: {'Accept':'application/json-compressed','Content-Type':'application/json'} /* JSON */,

                    password: password  /* STRING */,

                    url: instanceURL+"/Thingworx/Groups/Users/Services/GetGroupMembers" /* STRING */,

                    content: {} /* JSON */,

                    username: username /* STRING */,




                  // result: JSON

                  var usersJSON = Resources["ContentLoaderFunctions"].PostJSON(params);