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    Resources["ContentLoaderFunctions"].PostJSON  Content JSON Format?


    I have tried PostJSON by content in service and as json input.

    It works on one line of Json. E.g. {"name": "Quality", "description": "Quality dataset"}. I am able to create a dataset.


    But not for these lines of JSON. E.g.



    "categories": [

    "Pharmacy Claims History"


    "dataType": "BOOLEAN",

    "description": "Y2_RxClass_MM_Sympathomimetics",

    "displayOnly": false,

    "fieldName": "Rx Class: MM Sympathomimetics [Y2]",

    "lever": false,

    "objective": false



    "categories": [

    "Health Risk Attributes"


    "dataType": "ORDEREDSTRING",

    "description": "PrevYear1_SMOKING",

    "displayOnly": false,

    "fieldName": "SMOKING [PrevYear1]",

    "lever": false,

    "objective": false,

    "values": [









    But this is format for configuring the datasets by post json from Postman for TWX ML. Why I'm unable to post this line to create the configuration for the created dataset.

    Is there any special JSON content format for TWX to post JSON?

    Is there any workaround?


    Thanks and regards,

    Rahul Soni