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    To know the path/location of the  uploaded file into cloud instance(ge2-xxx.cloud.thingworx.com)

    Hi Team, I wanted to understand how to access the  uploaded file in my cloud instance(ge2-xxxx.cloud.thingworx.com) and download it later through rest api or other means later. I went through a youtube video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iyxGNy5mztk)- link was provided at http://support.ptc.com/cs/help/thingworx_hc/thingworx_6.0_hc/  where the demo is shown for upload of file is for local instance (ThingWorx deployed at localhost). Similarly I wanted to know the path of my uploaded file in cloud instance(ge2-xxxx.cloud.thingworx.com). Please guide me.



    Also the steps to download the uploaded file...


    Thanks in advance!!