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    Value Stream processing stopped

    We've been seeing our Value Streams queuing items indefinitely. In one case there were 9181 writes queued and only 4 writes. The current queue size is 9115. The size threshold is 1000 and the maximum wait time is 10,000ms. We've been waiting minutes and hours and the queued writes are never written. Pressing Restart button on the Value Stream Processing monitor view yields an error: "Susbsystem was unable to be restarted".


    Is there any way to flush the queued items and get our value streams working again?


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        pchung Collaborator

        Hi Rob, you probably need to log a ticket with support.ptc.com, I don't see any configuration tables you can affect to change the settings that might make the processing more efficient.

        I would check as well Monitoring/System to see how much memory is used up, and how many threads are listed there.