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    rkandasamy Apprentice

    Does Thingworx Platform provide any check-in/check-out features so that we can keep a track of code changes made for fixes/enhancements. And can we also do a difference of code revisions.

    We want to know if there is any check-in check-out feature available within the TW platform itself (like Tortoise SVN) for maintaining different code versions and also to track fixes/changes.


    We know that we have an option of Export Source Control Entities. But this just creates a file system with different directories like Users, DataShapes, etc.


    However we are interested in knowing if TW itself maintains different versions of the code and can keep a track of different versions of the code so that it can be helpful for tracking changes/fixes. We are also interested in knowing if we can directly check-in and check-out the code instead of Export/Import.