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    .NET SDK first steps to get examples going

    Hello community,


    i already worked with your C SDK and everything was fine.

    Right now i tried to get this .NET SDK working to combine it with some c# programms.

    I tried the examples with Visual Studio 15 and 10 but couldn't fix ist as i followed the instructions on http://support.ptc.com/cs/help/thingworx_hc/thingworx_edge/index.jspx?id=thingworx15&action=show -> SDK Steam Sensor Example.

    But when it comes to:

    5. Add the core SDK (twApi.dll) to the project. Reference the version of this file that is appropriate to the processor of your device from the SDK\tw\x86 or SDK\tw\64 folder of the SDK installation.

    I am not able to do so:  References -> Add Reference -> Browse twApi.ddl (x64 for my 64Bit System) -->> "A reference ... could not be added"


    I also could not find the property "copy to output directory" yet.


    So when i try to run the example it just starts and stops again, because if(args.Length < 3) fails.

    I think it does not get the configuration because of the missing core SDK.


    Do you have any solutions or idea and could please help me?


    Thanks a lot!!!