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    Problems with alerts - urgent help needed

    Hi Guys,

    We are experiencing some major problems with Alerts on TW 6.6 nad TW 7.0.

    We are having few Things with lot of properties all of which are having 2 alerts - type Above > 50 - Warning > 90 - Error.

    Property values are changing through a script which is performed every 30s based on timer thing. Everything seems ok until I try acknowledge some alert. First thing that happens is that the second Alert becomes active (Error) no matter if an actual property value meets the criteria for that alert. It says that is also acknowledged by administrator with 0s duration and no message. Those acknowledged alerts are somehow stuck, they are present in Alert summary monitor and as well through the Resources->AlertFunction->QueryAlertSummary even if the actual property values is way between defined alerts. They will disappear eventually, but it takes time. That happens if I use AknowledgeAlert both on Thing and through the Resources AlertFunction.

    Second question would be: what is a difference between QueryAlertSummary (Resources-AlertFunction) and GetAlertSummary on a Thing level.

    We need this solve this issue quite fast.

    Thanks a lot guys.