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    Is it possible to programmatically select a specific row in an infotable tied to a grid, so that the row will display as being selected in the grid?

    I have a mashup with a grid widget that displays an infotable populated by a SQL query.  The mashup also provides a date picker widget for the user to specify a new date value corresponding to the row selected in the aforementioned grid/infotable.  When the user clicks an "update" button next to the date picker to update the date for the selected item in the database, the change is made in the database, and then the SQL query is re-run to refresh the grid/infotable and show the updated date.  The issue is that when the grid/infotable is refreshed, the selected row changes to the first row displayed, as opposed to keeping focus on the row the user just changed.  This makes it difficult for the user to confirm that their update was applied, given that they may have to scroll the grid/infotable to find the item they updated.


    I need to be able to programmatically select the row in the grid/infotable containing the item that the user just updated after the refresh occurs, so that they don't have to manually scroll to the item each time.  Is there any way to do this?


    Thank you.