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    What is the best way for autorefresh data in Repeater

    Hello, I need to create a list of connected things implemented one ThingTemplate with two text properties and one button, which switches my remote thing on/off.

    I discovered that could not place a button inside the table and the this task I could only use a Repeater widget.

    I called QueryImplementedThingsWithData service from my ThingTemplate and mapped the result to the Repeater.

    Also I've created a mashup for the thing with two text fields for displaying properties and one button  to set value for the third property.

    Inside Repeater I pointed this small Mashup as a mashup for each element in the repeater and passed the Thing name as a parameter.

    Everything work fine.


    I want to add an AutoRefresh widget to autorefresh the states of things and disable buttons for disconnected thing.

    And I've binded Refresh event to the same QueryImplementedThingsWithData.

    When I do that and AutoRefresh triggers I loose all property values from all rows of the repeater widget.

    What's wrong?

    I understand that I can place AutoRefresh on the small mashup for each thing, but when I have the list of 200-300 things, I will have 200-300 timers on the page.

    It there any solution to pass the events deeper to the components tree? I don't want the timer for each line of the repeater.

    Thanks in advance!