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    About JAVA SDK

         Thanks to the marketplace I got the JAVA SDK, but when I unzipped the file, the samples folder only have two files, SteamSensor.java and SteamSensorClient.java. Where are the samples/src/com/thingworx/sdk/? Where are the build.gradle? Please help me, thank you.



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        veronicamih Creator

        Hi Angels,


        We are not using gradle for building the project. If you are using eclipse as IDE, you can include in the project Build Path the ThingWorx Java SDK libraries from the lib folder of the sdk archive.

        Please let me know if you need help with anything else.

        Thank you,



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          Did Veronica's answer help you resolve your issue? If so, please mark it as the correct answer and if not let us know what further questions you have so we can help you resolve the issue.