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    spandey Newbie

    Bind data to tree



    i have a data table which i need to bind tree. its just a simple data table. i tried to bind with tree by setting parent and child field. but still i am not able to see any data.

    is there any way to bind with tree.



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        stanislav Explorer

        You can provide a datatable as input for the tree, but the datatable must have the following columns:


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            spandey Newbie

            Thank you Sebastian,


            i have added above columns, but i don't want to use connections like-


            connections = Networks['NetwrokName"'].GetNetworkConnectionsWithTemplate();


            i have a simple data table where i have added three columns- "from","to", "connectionType".

            after querying i am getting data. but while binding with tree, i don't see any data in tree.


            Note : i have tried with network connections, then tree is populated, but i don't want to bind network data, simply i want to display some data in tree view. so is there anyway where i can achieve binding tree view without getting network connection.

            My tree has nothing to do with network connection, it simply need to bind data based on parent value like -