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    byutz Apprentice

    MSSqlServer Extension Example

    Hey Everyone,


    I can't seem to find many examples in the way of using the MSSqlServer extension.  I have my thing setup, with the MSSql Thing template, and my connection is made, I am just not sure how to proceed with creating a service to do a simple query.  Thank you for the help!

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        pchung Collaborator

        After saving it, go back into edit mode and start a new service.

        then for the type of service which defaults to JavaScript, select SQL Query (to bring back data) or SQL Command (to enact on the Database)

        Then just built a proper SQL

        The Thingworx Fundamentals course has a good chapter on this.

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          aanjan Heavyweight Champ

          Brian, as Pai suggested, the Introduction to ThingWorx course has a separate section called 'Connecting to External Data Sources'. It has examples on how to connect to a SQL database, create queries (and commands) and then bind them to a Mashup.