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    pbollu-2 Newbie

    Need Triangle shape in a mashup

    Hi Team,


    I want to show a triangle shape in a mashup. I thought I can use "Shape" widget but unfortunately the widget doesn't have a "ShapeType"  Triangle.


    Could anyone through some light on how to achieve this? Is custom widget only the way to go or do we have any workarounds?

    Not sure why Thingworx restricted "Shape" widget's Shape Types to only Circle, Rectangle, Ellipse and Rounded Rectangle.

    Any help greatly appreciated.



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        aanjan Heavyweight Champ

        Praveen, custom widget is the only way to go for now. In case you just wanted to use a fixed triangle (devoid of any run time changes), you can import an image and use that in your mashup.

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          stevegr Creator

          As Ravi mentioned you would have to create a custom widget - Just for fun and a step in the right direction I took the shape extension and created a shapes extension.


          Note: This is just an example and there is no rotation. If you import the attached extension to a development system you can try it out and maybe you could add rotation. It would be another property and a translate.

          I added  the ability to rotate it seems a little odd not having and I just wanted to get it to work :-) enter 0 90 180 270 for Rotation

          There is a slight bug you have to save when ever you change the rotation value to get an update.





          If you have not tried extension creation take a look Widget Extensions Introduction