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    I am getting error while accessing mashup

      I am working on project Smart Parking System ,I am uploading the status of parking spot on mashup.

    I want to give other people access to this data.But when I copy the link of mashup on other device it asks for username and password but does not give access .I am posting the screenshot of error.

    Is it possible to access mashup from other device ?

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            Giving a user the url to the mashup will not grant him access to the mashup. You will also need to give the user Visibility permission and Run Time Permission on that mashup so he can run the services on the mashup. Granting Visibility Permission to the mashup, allows the user to see the mashup and granting Run Time Permission allows the user execute the services on the mashup. Also, if you want the user to modify the mashup, you need to grant him the Design Time Permission as well. For more details on how to grant user permissions and to administrate your instance, please download the Administrator Guide for Educators from Getting Started | ThingWorx


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