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    Virtual Things unsing Java Edge SDK: Composer and Value Stream issues

    Hello Community,


    last week i started working with TWX Java Edge SDK. I tried this Steam Sensor Example with virtual things.


    If you cannot see any unbound thing, although there is an active websocket you might have tried some Steam Sensor Example with C# SDK...

    By doing so you might have created a gatewaything wich is blocking your new virtual thing -> destroy the old old one or rename in you Java progamm...


    To fix the issue of values of a connected remote thing not updating you have to make some changes in your properties (cloud):

    Remote Thing -> Properties -> Remote Property -> Cach Options:

    Read from Server Cach --> Fached from Remote every Read


    Unfortunately i guess its not working fine with Composer 5...

    Right now you can see your updated values. With composer 6.5 its working fine.

    Generally sometimes updating values freezes my composer. I don't know why...


    My next step was to log the transmitted data in my cloud.

    With Composer 5 this is a problem, because data of virtual things are not logged directly...

    So you have to push updating every time... maybe there is also a better solution?


    One big issue right now is that data is not logged synchronously so that some properties are updated erlier than others.

    This means that in foraxample a grid my data does not fit to each other.


    Do you have a solution for this?


    If i have to solve this by using Java SDK without Virtual Things i dont know how to do this right now...