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    Creating metadata.xml for a new Widget

    Hi everyone,


    I need to change the configuration of a List widget to create a second column and I already have the source code of the default List Widget.

    I've read all the support documentation and explored the HelloWorld Widget that is available for example.


    Before I start doing my new List Widget I copied the default code of one textbox widget and changed the name of the files and created a standart metada.xml just to try importing it to Thingworx and worked perfectlly.


    But now I've done the same thing with the List Widget but is not working, the error that is appearing is: "[context: Extension Exception: [package: List_Widget, error: Error while deploying package.]][message: [package: List_Widget, error: Error while deploying package.]]"


    My metadata.xml code:


        <ExtensionPackage name="ListWidget2" description="A list example widget." vendor="myCompany" packageVersion="1.0" minimumThingWorxVersion="5.4.0" />
      <Widget name="newlist2">
      <!-- Studio ONLY -->
      <FileResource type="JS" file="dhxlist2.customdialog.ide.js" description="" isDevelopment="true" isRuntime="false" />
      <FileResource type="JS" file="dhxlist2.ide.js" description="" isDevelopment="true" isRuntime="false" />
      <FileResource type="CSS" file="dhxlist2.ide.css" description="" isDevelopment="true" isRuntime="false" />
      <!-- Runtime/Squeal ONLY -->
      <FileResource type="CSS" file="dhxlist2.runtime.css" description="" isDevelopment="false" isRuntime="true" />
      <FileResource type="JS" file="dhxlist2.runtime.js" description="" isDevelopment="false" isRuntime="true" />


    Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?

    Thank you.