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    About an IoT application

    Hello Everyone here

    I  have developed an Energy meter to by using

    1. 8-bit PIC16F887 Microcontroller

    2. TI CC2520 as a zigbee module

    3. TI CC 2592 as it range extender

    in this  i measure current , voltage , power- active and reactive , power factor  as the parameters essential billing parameters

    now we want to develop an IoT for this application in this regards i want to known:-

    1.  This Micro controller has a 256 bytes  of  EEPROM memory where we have just stored these parameter values ,  which file  format thingworx support to transfer our real time data .

    2.Is it possible that once we communicate our parameters using Zigbee to a PC and then convert it to the file format which thingWorx can support ?

    3.Which communication protocol thingworx support to transfer the data either : Wifi , Bluetooth , Ethernet.

    4.For zigbee if we require an gateway then how can we develop it and which communication standard should it support

    i have also attached here a slides about the application idea