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    Things into a List Widget

    There's a very simple tutorial for creating a List based on the Things that depend on a certain ThingTemplate.

    Thingworx Fundamentals 101 -- How To Use a List Widget - YouTube

    which I found through here: http://support.ptc.com/cs/help/thingworx_hc/thingworx_6.0_hc/index.jspx?id=thingworx01&action=show


    The video makes sense but is not working for me, I've tried thinking of everything that could make this not work, so just to let you know where I am at:

    My ThingTemplate has 4 Things that are dependent on it.

    Inside the Mashup: For the Data of the Template I use 'GetImplementedThings' service to drag 'All Data' onto the List. The 'parameters' tab for 'GetImplementedThings' is empty, not sure if that matters.

    I chose the 'Display Field' property of the List as 'Name' , so it shouldn't just appear as blanks.


    I'm just looking for any other requirements I may be missing to make a List work. Otherwise i've followed the steps of that video but only ever get a blank list.

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        preddy-2 Apprentice


        Are you invoking 'GetImplementedThings'  service on mashup load?

        If not, you can try of doing that. That can be done while adding the service. (You need set the check box)


        With B/R,


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            pchung Collaborator

            As a best practice I always recommend using a wrapped service, since (unless you have visibility defined) allowing a user to run this service will potentially allow them to retrieve more information then they should. (A very extreme case would be setting Max Retrieved to 1000000 if there were that many entities available)

            There are a few exceptions to this, like the ValueStreamQueries which only run in the context of a Thing

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              leisel Explorer

              It was a combination of all of these answers.


              It turns out that I tried the "GetImplementedThings' service as mashup loaded, then as not loaded, and mixed up myself about which kind I was on.

              That along with making sure I had the DisplayField property of the list chosen, it now works as one would expect.

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              pchung Collaborator

              Do you have an event to execute the service to actually bring in the data?