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    Pulling from Java SDK, and Insteon Hub RESTful API

    Hello, I'm having a issue with something that I want to display in ThingWorx.


    The concept of my project is that we are using Insteon Products, such as motion sensors, door sensors, smoke sensors, etc. connected to an Insteon Hub. We are then using a RESTful API to communicate to the Hub to get that data to our Java SDK. We want the Java SDK to then push that data to ThingWorx for display.


    My question is can we pull data to ThingWorx instead of Pushing data.


    I want to know what sensors we have available, and then store those sensors in a list, so a consumer can choose from what sensors they have active in the home. This will all be done through a mashup, the end  consumer will not have full access to the whole ThingWorx application. I am trying to avoid hard-coding sensors into the mashup.


    If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated!


    Thank you!