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    Ignore X-Frame-Options header from 3rd party application



    I am very new to Thingworx and I am trying following:


    1. I have created "Mashup1" with "Navigation" widget.

             . For the "Navigation" widget, I set the

                       MashupName (property) --> "Mashup2".

    2. I have created a second mashup "Mashup2" with "web frame" widget.

             .For the "web frame" widget, I set the

                      url (property) --> 3rd party application url


    When I run this, I get "Mashup1"  and on click of "navigation button", I see the second "Mashup2", but the "3rd party application url" is not loading within "web frame" widget.


    The error I see is,

    Refused to display <3rd party app url> in a frame because it set 'X-Frame-Options' to 'SAMEORIGIN'.


    Is there any way, where I can omit or ignore the response headers in a "web frame" widget?  Or, is there any way I can access some "web frame widget url" load event or something else, where I can delete the response header 'X-Frame-Options' from my 3rd party app response?


    Any response is greatly appreciated.