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    paripirala Apprentice

    An error occurred while registering resources



    We have installed 7.0.0 version of ThingWorx. We have setup corresponding tomcat and postgres locally on our mac book.


    We wanted to use extensions. We have followed the instructions in the ThingWorx extension development guide 3.1 to install the eclipse plugin. We have written the Authentication extension. Used the ant file build-extensions.xml to create the extension zip file.


    When we upload the file into ThingWorx composer, we got an error saying "not enough permission to create directory extensions under tomcat home/webapps/Thingworx/WEB-INF'. We resolved this by giving write permissions on that folder for everyone.


    Then when we import the zip file we get this error "An error occurred while registering resources". There is no other relevant error messages in any logs - from the composer UI and from the logs directory in tomcat.


    Could you please provide any direction on this error? We are stuck at this point.