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    ThingWorx Display and InfoTable Limit to 500


    I have the following Observasions:

    Observasion 1:

    ThingWorx not able to dispay more than 500 records or items (or Things) in the composer. Below image shows the display limit upto 500 Things only although there is more than 500 Things in the server:

    500 Thing Limit.png

    Observasion 2:

    This Limit to 500 records applies to Infotable too. InfoTable not able to store more than 500 rows. For example following code should return 1000+ results as there are more than 1000 things created from "VMList" Thing Template.

    But returns only "500"


    var params = {
      maxItems: undefined,
      nameMask: undefined,
      query: undefined,
      thingTemplate: 'VMList',
      tags: undefined
    var vmList = Resources["SearchFunctions"].SearchThingsByTemplate(params);// storing list of all the Thing Create using  "VMList" Thing Template
    var result= vmList.rows.length;//Pringting no of rows of the infotable



    1. Can I display more than 500 Items in the thingworx composer?

    2. Is infotable able to handle more than 500 rows? If yes how?