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    fseheutd Newbie

    ThingWorx 7 doesn't take into account storage location the same way as TWX6

    Hello all,


    I meet a strange behavior.


    I am a ThingWorx developper and I keep different instances of thingworx on my laptop.

    I have multiple folders with ThingWorx's Tomcat and storage inside.

    In everyone of these folders, I have a setEnv.bat under Tomcat/bin which indicates the location of platform-settings.json using


    And it totally works when I have ThingWorx 6.x wars deployed.




    When I replace ThingWorx.war by a ThingWorx 7.0 war, it doesn't work anymore and plugs to the storage at the root of the drive.

    I see that because, i see that I have different things or data depending on the war I use.


    And when I go back to a ThingWorx 6.x war it works again.


    How can I make sure that ThingWorx 7 takes into account the right platform-settings.json?


    Thanks in advance.