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    Using ActiveMQ extension with MQTT

    I am trying to use MQTT to send property updates to Thingworx things. I tried the MQTT extension before but I couldn't get it to work, and I was recommended to use ActiveMQ extension instead. I have tried using the Thingworx ActiveMQ extension - I set up a thing that uses the ActiveMQThing, and the SendMessage and GetLastMessages services seem to work OK (using the tcp 61616 port), however I cannot retrieve these messages by using a MQTT client such as mosquitto. I am using Apache ActiveMQ as the broker. From the Apache ActiveMQ documentation, it seems that for MQTT, the messaging queue functionality is not supported however the Thingworx ActiveMQ extension documentation states that the extension requires a message queue to function. Does this mean the extension does not support MQTT or is there another broker I should be using?


    Thanks in advance for any help.