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    Google Map Widget not working - SteamSensorWithFileTransfer

    Using ThingWorx 6.6

    I have a remote device running the SteamSensorWithFileTransfer example code.

    I can verify that the device connects and transmits location information - I can see the location being sent from a trace on the device, and if I use a table or label widget I see the values correctly appear.

    From Trace

       BaseType:    STRING  Value: Location Length: 8

       BaseType:   VARIANT  Value:    BaseType:  LOCATION   Value: Long: 43.213502, Lat: -77.842957, Elev: 0.000000

       BaseType:  DATETIME  Value: 85294362

       BaseType:    STRING  Value: GOOD     Length: 4


    ( The location is from the hardcoded example ) I slightly tweaked how the location changes per sample, as the default example was getting out of bounds very quickly. So my values change every sample but only a little.


    The problem is that the Google Map Extension I installed doesn't seem to display the location correctly.

    Here is a screen shot - as you can see the location appears in Antarctica- but if you look closely you can see my Lat and Lon are no where near there.

    I based my google map widget settings off the tutorial - so I have ShowSelection Marker checked and my Location is linked to the SelectedLocation data item in the widget


    Any suggestions?