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    spandey Newbie

    Connect multiple devices in less time



    i have setup a device through ems server and thingworx, and written services to manipulate data. and this setup working fine.


    but i am worried if i have 1000s devices so how can i automate this.


    eg: a device is connected to thingworx server via ems

    multiple service running to display different king of data. and to setup and writing service took lots of time,


    now same things need to be replicated for 1000s of devices. so shall i need to create things and services for each and every devices.

    or is there any way which can replicate same settings to different devices. can you provide automation kind of thing which reduce efforts to duplicating setup with same efforts

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        aanjan Heavyweight Champ

        Sandeep, this can be achieved with a combination of using identifiers and creating Things on the platform based on them. You would need to use the luaScriptResource for this. I'll try to find any supporting or example documents we have and link them here. You can read more about using identifiers and using a gateway at our Edge Help Center.

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            spandey Newbie

            Hi Ravi,


            approach you saying that can be put at EMS side. but what about thinkworx side?

            do we need to write services for each device.

            eg: lets say we have a device named device1 which has multiple services to get different data for that device, now we have same same type of device named device2 , device3,....etc, so how can we replicate same services to device2, device3...etc.

            as each device is a thing in thingwox so do we need to create different things for each device and copy past services for each?

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                aanjan Heavyweight Champ

                As Pai mentioned below, you can have the services on the ThingTemplate level, as any Thing based off that Template would inherit whatever is on that Template. So for example, if you create about 10 services on a ThingTemplate and create a Thing based on that Template, your created Thing will have those 10 services too.

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              pchung Collaborator

              Also you are leveraging the fact that you can put functionality in ThingShapes and then into your ThingTemplate so all Things inherit those items right?

              If not, you can go to your thing and from the More derive a ThingTemplate

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                jasong Creator

                You are at the very tip of a much larger set of questions - how do all of these devices access your business systems and vice-versa. How will Sales know what functionality is being used and what is not? How does your ERP system integrate into this? What happens when a Sales Order comes in? Is that system going to automatically generate the DeviceThing? Can it adjust functional settings from that system? Can your support personnel view device data from their environment? Can they place these devices into debugging modes or look under the hood?


                There is LOTS to think about when integrating your iot device into an actual business. The device is important of course, but equally or possibly more important you are just on the tip of thinking about - how do I scale? How does this help my all parts of my business? How does connectivity make our business processes more informed and efficient?


                Talk to me if you start to dig into those inevitable sort of questions.