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    Property metadata


    I have a need to annotate a property in multiple ways. For example, i have a property which is bound to a sensor on a remote appliance. I would like to identify that property as a "sensor" property. Along with a value, i would like to also know if this property is in a particular state. Looking at the Composer UI, it appears that the BaseType for the property drives certain additional features which assist in managing the property. I also noticed that aspects can be used to provide additional meta data about a property.


    Ideally, there would be a BaseType such as "Sensor" that would have the metadata i need, however if this is not possible, another approach would be to use an InfoTable in conjunction with the category field. The category field could be used to identify a property as a "sensor" and the InfoTable could contain a "value" and "state" field.


    Just wondering what others are doing and if there is an easier approach.